your energy Management project starts

Light Power presents a solution to the high energy consumption of your business

Demand analysis

A complete analysis of the energy consumption from the equipment used. Next, we present a energy management project based on the information gathered. 

High perfomance equipment

Best performance equipment for midsize or large commercial installations, such as supermarkets, midsize factories and commercial condominiums.

Generation of sustainable energy

Clean and low cost energy solutions, capable of meeting the demands of commercial centers. 

5 stages of the ideal management plan

Stage 1

Demand, contracted demand and consume analysis.

Stage 2

Analysis of the installed equipment, their costs and performance coefficient.

Stage 3

An elaborate study with projections of financial return.

Stage 4

Presentation of projects and solutions to significantly lower the energy demand.

Step 5

Total or partial project financing.

Why Choose Light Power

  • High profitability. (Profit generated by lowering the energy bill).
  • Low risk (25 years of insurance for the equipment).
  • Growing market in the world
  • Long term contracts (25 years minimum).
  • Environmentally friendly.

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